In order to slow down fashion, it is important for sustainable brands to be transparant about all the ins and outs of our business. It is necessary to know where the clothes are made, who made them and under what circumstances. You can find all this information on the website.

Besides this, we also want to be transparant about our pricing. It is necessary to show you that most fast fashion prices are not fair. When clothes are very cheap, there is always someone down the (production)line who has to pay. With bad and dangerous working conditions, long hours, low wages and zero rights.

There must be a change in mindset towards the price of clothing, together with more appreciation for clothing. Pay a fair price for the hard work that someone puts into your clothing and enjoy the feeling that you can buy a high quality t-shirt which is made with passion!

In the diagram, you’ll find the price structure per t-shirt. As we’re a young and small business, we don’t have profit yet.