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The basic shirt you’ve always been looking for, made from organic cotton. With our slightly thicker fabric we can ensure you the highest level of comfort, support and quality.
We make high quality items, designed to last & to never go out of style. Our shirts are stretchy and figure-hugging, made for EVERY BODY.

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Handmade in the Netherlands

Upgrade your wardrobe & slow down fashion

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At ANNA Slow Fashion we are passionate about the EARTH, PEOPLE & beautiful clothing.

We reducte the environmental impact of the fashion industry by using GOTS certified organic cotton for our shirts. ALL our packaging, hangtags and printed materials are made from recycled materials.

We are SLOW because our clothes are ethically made in the Netherlands, which means a safe working place, fair wages and limited environmental impact of transport.

We design clothing made to last and to never go out of style.



We are dedicated to using sustainable materials. That’s why we use GOTS certified organic cotton for our first collection of shirts.

We love organic cotton because this cotton is grown on fields where the farmers use natural resources and methods only. The cotton is hand-picked and no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used.

Learn more about our fabric, the GOTS certification and where our shirts are made.


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photography by Zoë Zandwijken

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